Desert Palms Testimonials & Success Stories

The Foundation of My Recovery

When I decided to enter treatment it was during a time when I was in a dark and lost place in my life. I contacted the treatment consultant via phone and within an hour I was approved to enter treatment. I loved everything treatment had to offer from a nutritious and tasty meal plan, addiction information, meditation activities, equine, family therapy and individual therapy.

My therapist was firm and genuine in all matters that concerned me and helped me to understand that this process is not about others but all about me and my perception.

I had some fear of what I would do upon discharge, and that is when the Discharge Counselor stepped in and offered me IOP/Sober Living. This was huge because I was able to remain in a sober/safe environment. The alumni coordinator was the icing on the cake because she has great alumni opportunities in place to keep me involved. I simply loved my experience at DP and it has been definitely the foundation of my healthy recovery process.

Jessica R., Desert Palms Alumni 2017