Addiction affects everyone around you, but you’re not alone. Desert Palms believes including your chosen loved ones in your recovery process is key to success and sobriety after treatment. Our family program aims to create strong bonds so you have loved ones to support you once your journey outside of treatment begins.

Family Therapy

Your comprehensive treatment plan may includes family therapy. If your loved ones would like to attend in person, they are welcomed and encouraged to participate. For those who can’t attend in person, therapy can be completed over the phone.

Desert Palms uses the CRAFT family therapy model to strengthen bonds and teach your family of choice the tools they need to encourage your healthy behaviors. You will be assigned a family therapist in addition to your primary therapist who will work with you and your loved ones in sessions focusing on issues related to family systems.

Family Education

The goal of our family weekend is to educate your family on the biology of addiction and their role in your recovery. You will spend time in sessions together to work on the core dynamics of family during the weekend.

Family Contact & Visits

If you’re progressing well through treatment, we encourage family contact a few times a week. Both contact and visitation will be arranged at the discretion of our treatment professionals.

If you have questions about how loved ones can help during treatment, please give us a call.