Contacting a Patient at Desert Palms

We know you’ll want to keep in touch with loved ones during treatment to check in and learn about their progress; it’s normal to be excited about the positive changes your loved one is making.

Your loved one is entering an exciting yet frightening time—so it’s natural that you’ll want to hear all the details about their treatment! However, Desert Palms has to carefully limit and monitor all outside communication for our patients to ensure that they are not triggered into a mindset that can undo all of the hard work they’ve done in our facility.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never hear from your loved one, though! Aside from your involvement in family therapy, there are a few other ways for you to keep in touch responsibly.

Release Form

When your loved one arrives at Desert Palms,they will be asked to sign a release form so your family can stay in the loop with their treatment. If the patient does not complete this release, you will be unable to be updated on their progress until they are discharged from the facility.

Please discuss this release form with your loved one before they leave for treatment so everyone can be on the same page with their expectations for communication during the loved one’s course of care.

Phone Calls

As you know, phone contact for patients at Desert Palms is limited. Your loved one will be able to call four to five times a week, depending on their progress and at the discretion of their primary therapists. However, there are a few other ways you can keep in touch.


Desert Palms encourages family and friends to send cards and letters to patients while they are in treatment. It’s necessary for loved ones to have an active consent from the patient so that we can receive mail on their behalf. Receiving mail implies that you are in our care, and we are bound by strict confidentiality laws.

If you have any other questions about how you can communicate with a patient when they are at Desert Palms, please feel welcome to contact us.